Frequently asked questions

1Do your windows and doors come with energy efficiency ratings?
All our products we supply are A and B rated and comply with all energy efficiency standards.
2We would like uPVC sash windows, but we don’t like the plastic look. What are my options?
We can supply a upvc woodgrain effect frames with timber surround, which will be more in keeping with your existing furniture and upholstery.
3What is the difference between “sash” and “casement” windows?
Sash windows are more traditional and slide up and down, whereas casement windows give greater flexibility and have “openers” that can be pushed out or tilted in.
4How long does it take to install windows and doors?
This often depends on the condition of the site and how complicated it might be. Usually, a two-man team of fitters will complete three to six windows per day.
5What is triple glazing?
Triple Glazing - Is the glazing process in which a window is made with three panes of glass formed into one single window and offers the ultimate in thermal efficiency. Triple glazing is only available in our UPVc range of windows. These glazed units have smaller internal chambers compared with double glazing which helps to reduce heat loss. The central glass panel reflects more heat making it warmer in your rooms and helps to reduce your heating costs. The gas used within triple glazed units is Krypton gas If your home suffers from external background noise, triple glazing offers superior noise reduction to double glazing, giving you a warmer and quieter home.
6Will double or triple glazing reduce my utility bills?
Windows can have different energy ratings. If you are replacing older windows with our A+ rated double glazing units or our A++ rated triple glazing units you can be pretty sure that you will save energy and therefore money on your bills.
7What do energy ratings mean?
A number of factors influence the energy efficiency of the window. These include the profile system and the specification of a sealed unit. Windows are rated from A+ (no heat loss at all) through to G (extremely energy inefficient), the window Energy Rating label allows you to see at a glance how energy efficient a window is. Windows Energy Ratings are calculated using various values: Thermal Transmittance (U value) Solar factor (G value) Air Leakage (L value) The thermal transmittance or U-value represents how much heat can escape through the glass. This is measured in Kilowatt-hours, per square meter, per year. For example: 3.5kWh/m2.K - This means that 3.5 kilowatts of energy is lost through every square metre of the window every year The solar factor or G-value represents how much energy is gained through your windows from the Sun. This is measured in kilowatt hours per metre, per year. The Air Leakage or L-value represents exactly what you would think, how much air is leaked through the windows (the lower the better). This is measured in kilowatt hours per metre, per year.
8Do I need planning permission?
Before starting any home improvement project, it’s always a wise move to contact your local authority to check whether you require planning permission. However, you shouldn’t need planning permission for double glazing windows as long as they’re of similar appearance to those used in the construction of the house. Replacing your windows will have little impact on your neighbours and neighbourhood and so you shouldn’t have any problems.
9What is a Composite Door?
A Composite Door is a modern take on the traditional timber front doors. They give the appearance of traditional wooden doors but use modern materials to improve, weathering and security, but also provide a virtually maintenance free life and require no painting or varnishing.
10Why is there condensation on my windows?
In many cases, condensation forming on your windows is perfectly normal. It’s only when condensation begins to accumulate in between the panes of glass on a double or triple glazed window when you need to be concerned. If this has occurred, it’s a good indication that one or more of the window’s seals has broken. We offer a double glazing repair service to solve this problem.
11Is privacy glass available?
Yes, a range of decorative designs that also increase privacy levels is available with either double or triple glazed windows.
12What types of door are available?
Entrance doors - available in uPVC, aluminium, timber and composite French doors – available in uPVC and timber Patio doors – available in uPVC, aluminium and timber Tilt & slide doors – available in timber Bifold doors – available in aluminium and timber
13Do your windows come with a guarantee?
Yes we offer a guarantee with all of our windows - different products have different length of guarantee so please ask us for more information.
14Do you offer finance?
Yes, we do. For more information please call us to discuss your needs.